Barolo Cerequio


First Grape-harvest:

La Morra

Plant density:
4000 – 5000 vines/ha

Yielt per plant:
500 gr.

south – south/east

100% Nebbiolo

end September – early October

No. Bottles produced:


24 months in used barriques and 20hl casks, 8 months in steel, 8 months in bottle

Winemaking: The complete process

Borolo, the red wine is considered as the greatest and vintage wine of Italy. Ever wondered why grapes from uphill are used widely for winemaking? Let us check this out here. Grapes cultivated in slopes, hilly regions are rich in numerous minerals and abundant trace elements as the soil has fine quartz and silt. We will see how actually we do the production and the science behind it.

  1. The first and foremost step is cultivating healthy vineyards sustained with organic manure.
  2. Secondly, we ensure that only specially selected, rich, juicy grapes are harvested leaving behind the sour ones. A small, hand-held device called refractometer is used to examine sugar content in the cluster of grapes; thereby selecting the ideal ones. We prefer manual picking over plucking machines. Late October is found to be the best time to harvest.
  3. We, then crush and clarify the harvested grapes preparing them for fermentation.
  4. Our wineries have a stainless steel fermentation tank for the best results. The crushed grapes along with their skin are treated with the yeast of different strengths according to our needs in a temperature controlled environment. In the whole process, the sugar gets converted to alcohol. As we produce different types and concentrations of wine, the fermentation period is set based on what is in the making. Borolo needs at least four weeks time in the fermentation tank for attaining rich tannin content. The wine gets its color from the grape skin.
  5. Aging enhances the quality and savors of the wine. We store fermented wine inside French oak barrels and let it like this for years.
  6. Packaging is done in bottles and they will be out to the markets after the quality check. We make sure that the sugar, alcoholic content, sulfur dioxide added during fermentation are in right proportions.

We perfectly made Borolo red wine comprises 15 percent alcohol blended with right proportions of acids and tannins.

Serving temperature:
15°C – 16°C, if it’s possible to open the bottle 2 or 3 hours before